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Currently our clients are classified into 4 groups.

  • Individuals with one or more properties
  • Families
  • Equity companies
  • Companies

Individuals with one or more properties

Private clients who have invested in real estate assets to supplement their salary or retirement and need to get the best possible return on their real estate to develop their life plan, or who want to sell a real estate asset to continue advancing their life plan.


Families with real estate assets that need a manager who does not take sides between the different members of the family and obtain the best possible profitability, as well as frank and trustworthy advice so that this heritage is transferred in perfect health to future generations .

Equity Companies 

Companies aimed at obtaining profitability through real estate assets that do not want to allocate organic resources for the commercialization and management of said assets, and want a professional and efficient company to take care of it.


Not all companies that have assets have the exploitation of them as their main activity. However, many corporations are interested in investing or disinvesting in the real estate market depending on their circumstances.

We also offer the service of a real estate department, but without the cost or workload associated with it.