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Our history

In 1982, 38 years ago, José Luis Sánchez and Esperanza Segarra decided to open a real estate agency with the name “Agencia Inmobiliaria Turia”. In those years there were very few real estate agencies in Valencia. This was because access to the profession was restricted by the professional college.

To become a real estate agent, you had to overcome a hard competitive exam that was called every four or five years. This test covered all the casuistry with which the professional could face throughout his career. José Luis Sánchez passed this exam and the first offices of the company were opened on Avenida José Antonio nº 6. Today, Reino de Valencia Avenue.

At that time, to sell or rent a property, it was needed to advertise by words in local newspapers, such as Levante EMV. There were not even specialized magazines. Real estate agencies throughout the city did not exceed ten. The office was mainly dedicated to the rental of properties, although sometimes sales were also made.

In the 90s the specialized press emerged, such as Trajín and Gestión Inmobiliaria, and subsequently Comprarcasa. Our agency begins to work profusely on the sale. A fruitful collaboration is carried out with investors who bought apartment portfolios from banks for sale.

In the year 2000 Idealista, the most popular real estate portal was created, and during that decade we entered fully into marketing through the Internet. We also started the development of our first web pages.

In the 2010s, the 2nd generation of the family business, made up of Luis and Sara, joined the office. They bring new illusions and energy to the company.

Standed by the previous generation, they decided to focus the firm on the line of offering our clients comprehensive real estate asset management. A management that provides an answer to all the needs of our clients. Sale, rent, rental management, real estate department function or purchase consulting. Always putting customer satisfaction at the top of our business goals.