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Real estate wealth management

What is real estate wealth management? Is it about rent properties? To manage them? Is it about selling and buying?. In reality, the real estate wealth management is all that and more.

The real estate wealth management consists of valuing a real estate portfolio. Advise the property on what are the lines of action available. Agree on a plan. And the most difficult and interesting thing, to execute it faithfully.

Always adapting ourselves to what the property needs. Always looking for profitability and revaluation of assets. Always worrying about everything.

Reforms and arrangements. Commercialization. Selection of tenants. Payment management. Taxation … All this is real estate wealth management.

So are conflicts in a community of owners. Or even solve the problem of how to transfer assets to the next generation in the best conditions. As well as the sale of assets that do not have the expected future projection. Or the purchase of assets that add value to the property portfolio.

At Fincas Turia we manage real estate assets worth more than 90 million euros. We have spent almost 40 years dedicating ourselves to the real estate wealth management. And we love our job.

Do you want to know how we can help you get the most out of your properties? Do not hesitate and call us or visit us at our offices.