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The best properties

There are not two identical properties, never! Even in the same building, two properties of the same promotion that are one on top of the other will be different, since the height will make one of the two more luminous and the shadows cast on them will be different.

And if each property is different … is it not a mistake to give them a generic treatment?

It is very common for large owners, whether individuals or firms, to simplify the management of their real estate assets by treating their properties as if they were a homogeneous product. But they are not.

To obtain the best performance from a property, you have to know it in depth and place it correctly in the current real estate context. In this way, having all the information, is when it is possible to make the right decisions.

That is why an apartment may require a bathroom reform, and another one a kitchen reform. Or be marketed for long-term rental, or seasonal rental. Or rent furnished, or empty.

The possibilities are almost endless, but what is certain is that with good advice, you will not make wrong choices.